Shep Taylor started playing Bass at 13 and has played in numerous bands with styles ranging from Metal, Rock, Jazz, Americana and Pop. His style reflects these genres in Mezza Voce’s songs. He is also known for the percussive technique he incorporates on the acoustic Bass, utilizing the body as a drum, adding a tribal feel to the music. With these creative nuances, in addition to providing tenor lead and background vocals,  Shep helps create the Acoustic – Diverse- Energy filled sound of Mezza Voce.




Matt Crow Started playing around with his dad’s guitar when he was 12 and got his first guitar and amp when he was 13. After a few months of learning chords and practicing, the natural talent started pouring out. Born with an ear for music and without any formal instruction, he was playing in live bands by age 15 and has never looked back. His influences range through Classic Rock, Metal, Country, and R&B. Matt’s style and creativity help make Mezza Voce unique. His passion for music Lives strong and he will always be involved in music in some shape or form, on stage or off.




Angela Garrity has loved singing for as long as she can remember. She began vocal training lessons when she was 13.  Her musical influences are Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Cassandra Wilson and Paul Simon, to name a few. Working with Mezza Voce has been her most rewarding endeavor, as she has been able to incorporate everything she has learned from all her previous band experiences and build on them. As well as performing lead vocals for the band, she also plays hand and foot percussion instruments to add to the texture of the music.


Mezza Voce acoustic trio was established in late 2011 through a creative group effort of all three of the artists. It is a collectively owned and operated musical venture. The input of the group provides variety of musical tastes that appeals to a wide audience. We would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank-you”, to all who have supported us over the years. We hope to continue to bring you a diversely entertaining and quality show for years to come. Hope to see you soon!